Scarlet Parke is a sparkling Venus of vigour, a Electro-Soul Belle whose songs speak to women’s empowerment; she never asks for permission to soar. Her new 8-song release Flight Risk takes listeners into a deep velvet world of after-hours lyrical delight and musical potency. Evoking classic soul queens and invigorating contemporary divas, Flight Risks comes in bold new flavors for the blues-birthed singer-songwriter, recorded with Milo Eubank in early 2019. Legendary producer Jake Crocker saw Scarlet perform at that year’s Capitol Hill Block Party, and he produced several of the tracks on the album; Joza and Elan Wright (the Ruby Room) also contributed production. As she plays shows, festivals, and has an international tour set up, get to know Scarlet Parke with these deep and enchanting songs now. And buckle in as you let her gorgeous, resplendent, and hypnotizing music seduce and guide you to the peak of music nirvana.