While making his mark with noted bands Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Gatsbys American Dream and Wild Orchid Children, Kirk Huffman hankered for an outlet that would channel his creative instincts for sample-based, DJ and trip-hop inspired production techniques.

Taking the guise of Real Don Music, he has satisfied that desire by releasing 2 singles and his debut 'Dank Sinatra EP' which folds his smooth-crooning vocal swagger into the confident strut of thick basslines and deep grooves that are crowned with vibrant, punchy horn swells and synth motifs.

In July 2017 - Real Don Music released their anticipated follow-up 'Dank Zappa EP' which further expands the groups synth-heavy, boom bap and acid jazz influences. 

Earmilk.com says:

"Kirk has always been musically inclined in different genres... There is something exceptionally pleasing in discovering a band, or in this case a band member, who are able to reinvent themselves time and time again, providing a new take on previously established sounds."