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 When your eyes have been closed for hours and you finally turn on the light, for a moment everything is a kaleidoscopic of explosive colors. Then, just as suddenly, you have new clarity. This is what happens the first time you hear the music of Seattle’s Marshall Law Band, a group that blends the power of hip-hop and the playfulness of funk.

The six-piece group, which formed in the Emerald City in 2016, provides electricity to all your senses, igniting your body and soul. Their intention is to inspire and they do so through both classical instrumentation and a near-reckless abandon on stage. Fronted by emcee and lyricist Marshall Hugh, the Marshall Law Band recently released their debut EP, Nostos, A Hero's Journey which is a concept record with the Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey archetype at its core.

Informed and inspired by works of classic literature - tomes like The Odyssey and The Hero with a Thousand Faces - the EP hits hard like a warrior in battle and grins big like one in victory. To drive home the hero's journey theme, the MLB wrote and performed their own Hip Opera which debuted at the end of 2018. A theatrical concert that employed some of their favorite Seattle musicians, the impact of the Hip Opera was felt across the city. Local NBC News affiliate KING 5 brought Marshall Hugh on to talk about the Hip Opera and the band’s debut EP.

Since the success of the Hip Opera, Marshall Hugh has been developing a hero’s journey workshop, designed to help local teenagers goal set, overcome obstacles, and become a hero in their own lives, families, and communities. Versatile musicians Josh Richins, Zack Olson, Evan Robertson, Matt McAlman, Marty Thordarson, and Marshall Hugh are looking forward to a a debut album and a West Coast tour in 2019.