la fonda square.png

Performance Date: Sunday July 22

Stage: Barboza

Set Time: 8pm

La Fonda is a lyrically-driven, indie dream pop band defined by two sisters, singer-songwriters Veronica and Valerie Topacio. The band explores love, longing, and loss with smart, harmonically-rich vocals, reverberating, 60s surf-esque guitars, driving basslines, catchy melodies and 90s alt-rock nostalgia.

The group started in summer 2014 when Veronica and Valerie began writing songs and busking at Pike Place Market. The sisters grew up in a musical family and singing in the living room with guitars was already a regular affair. Magic happened when they reconnected that summer with guitarist Jesse Cole, a long-time friend whose blue wave guitar style mixes perfectly with their harmonies. The Topacio sisters and Cole then met another musical soulmate, bassist Bryan Dever. Soon after, Dever’s childhood friend Patrick Hodge joined the ensemble on keys/synth.

United in musical comradery, La Fonda spent 2016 at Electrokitty Sound Studios in Wallingford, WA, recording and producing their EP, “Good Love,” with head engineer Garrett Reynolds. Nextnorthwest named their stand-out single, “Seasons Change,” the song of the week, writing “Veronica and Valerie beautifully harmonize their vocals over lively drum beats and bright keys . . . you can tell that each member from the band brings a vital sound that allows them to produce such fun, catchy music.” The band’s debut EP touches on the mysteries of love, attraction, and commitment with songs like “Staying True,” its lyrics questioning the interplay between moodiness and loyalty in relationships.

The group’s wistful seriousness is balanced by their fun, outgoing charm. La Fonda has made a reputation for themselves to bring the party wherever they go, enlivening venues with fan- favorites like their song “FOMO,” whose music video was premiered by IMPOSE magazine in spring 2017. Based in Seattle, the band built a presence playing in front of packed crowds at venues including Crocodile Café, Neumos, Chop Suey, and the Tractor Tavern. Having recently returned from a month-long tour in spring 2018 with stops in Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Francisco and Austin at SxSw, they also celebrate their latest release of the hit single, “In the Summer,” applauded by numerous indie blogs for its “beautifully harmonized vocals, rich instrumentation and enhancing layers of synths.” Excited to be working on their debut album this year, it’s their hope that their music continues to inspire people to show up fully in love as their most authentic, confident and beautifully vulnerable selves.