Fantasy A aka Alexander Hubbard was born in Seattle, WA on May 23rd, 1993. He's a rapper, songwriter, self-promoter, producer, and beat maker with autism that likes to write songs about his personal life he's been through and things he does for fun. Also, everybody said that Fantasy A is Seattle's undisputed King of Hustle because he posts flyers he created all over Seattle for 4 years and sends it out as a positive message to make people happy. Fantasy A did a movie called, "Fantasy A Gets Jacked!" which is about he got his stuff jacked by the two criminals he doesn't know on his birthday; the TV pilot film will be aired on Adult Swim very soon; so look out for it. Fantasy A wants to do a collab with DoNormaal in the near future and he performed all the venues in Seattle and all the guests think he's awesome. Nobody hustles harder than Fantasy A.