Dreamcatchr Sunday.jpg

dreamcatchr is a high energy five piece garage pop/indie rock band based in Seattle, Washington.

The project began years ago when Raven MacDaniels (guitar, vocals) first ventured into songwriting armed with only: a loop machine, 72oz of semi-luke warm Rainier Beer, a guitar, and a mind filled with ideas that had never seen the light of day. Years later a catalog of musical ideas would emerge to make up the foundation for the band’s work.

In 2015 an official band was formed by Shannon Clark (lead vocals), Ben Dorcy (guitar, vocals), Lalo Martinez (drums) and Michael Bruno (bass). Their sound exhibits an upbeat rhythm section, interweaving guitar melodies, and is punctuated by a stellar vocal performance from Shannon.

To date dreamcatchr have released two EP’s. The most recent of which, Do Dog Ghosts Exist?, has received acclaim from numerous Pacific Northwest critics and charted at #123 out of 200 on the NACC college and independent radio charts for North America. In addition to getting airplay on Seattle’s very own KEXP; they have received heavy airplay and top charting all over the country.

The band has been consistently growing their fan base in the region with a string of successful shows in Seattle, Portland, and up and down the west coast. Their engaging live performances are gaining them a reputation as a band to watch out for in the PNW music scene.