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Cold Comfort started as a group of five friends who grew up together, playing in makeshift spaces and around bonfires in beautiful Port Townsend, Washington. After moving to Seattle in 2011 the group started evolving as they began diving deeper into experimentation with songwriting, melodies, and instrumentation. In 2016 the band officially released the first album 'Why We're Here, Why We Left', detailing relationships, childhood, and dealing with change.

The summer of 2018 marked the release of the second album 'Chemical Butterflies'. The new album has been a giant leap forward for the group. After two years of writing, practicing, and performing the album, Cold Comfort spent a month living and sleeping in 'The Unknown'; in Anacortes, Washington. 'Chemical Butterflies' consists of 11 songs, many of which flow into one another and are linked by poetic themes throughout the album. The music is a flowing soundscape juxtaposed against tight rhythms and visceral harmonies. Much of the content is a conversation about consciousness and emotion; past, present, future, mental, and physical.