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All of 20 OZ TEA's beverages are brewed with loose leaf tea and paired with fresh dairy and their own simple syrup. Only the best ingredients goes into their drinks! Hydrate and refresh with one of their many different teas.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, People of the Chubbs is known for its diverse entrees -- getting inspiration by Filipino, Mexican, Hawaiian, and American cuisine. POTC has been voted Best Food Truck in 2017 and also Best Entree 2014, 2015, and 2016 at the Bite of Seattle. Learn more about People of the Chubbs here, take a look at their menu, and be sure to stop by their food truck during CHBP 2019, located in the food court behind Poquitos!

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Athena's Greek started frying up calzones back in the 80’s. They're a small, family-owned-and-operated Seattle-based company, and have spent the last 30 years at festivals, now venturing onto the streets of Seattle with their food truck! Enjoy Greek sandwiches, salads, fries, falafel & more!

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Traditional Hawaiian shave ice! Learn more about Mike's Shave Ice at

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Learn more about Thai-U-Up at


Our travels to Normandy and Brittany over the years have always left us inspired (and very full). Our thoughts and conversations following these visits routinely center around how we might bring home our favorite bits of the French Atlantic coast.

Both raw and cooked seafood, meats, and vegetables accompany a focused and carefully curated wine list, focused on French whites by the glass. Think raw oysters, savory buckwheat crêpes, moules-frites, pré-salé lamb, steak tartare, pork rillon, and geisers confit. Thoughtful vermouth and brandy centered cocktails fill out the experience.

Check out their booth in the food court next to Poquitos during CHBP 2019, where they'll be serving: 4oz Bar Melusine burgers - grass-fed, dry-aged beef, served on a General Porpoise baked seeded bun (caraway, poppy, sesame), Billy's tomato and garlic aioli + house made chips!  


At Poquitos they strive to present delicious Mexican cuisine prepared with ingredients that are the best of both worlds - outstanding local sourcing for their meats and produce; unique and direct sourcing for items essential to honoring the culinary traditions of Mexico. Learn more about Poquitos and be sure to check out their booth in the food court during CHBP 2019!


- At Dumpling Tzar, we are all about simple, delicious food for the people. Dumplings are an unpretentious, beautiful food that carries over through all continents and cultures. Pel Meni come from the Russian Siberian tradition of keeping meat fresh through long, harsh winters.

We are pleased to be in our eight year of serving up hot, fresh Russian dumplings to the masses. We’ve got some exciting things in store: An expansion into a new, bigger dumpling restaurant and bar at our Fremont location. Our new space on Capitol Hill now offers a full bar with specialty cocktails as well as two happy hours and a vibrant atmosphere that we love.

Please stay tuned for the new things coming to our restaurant, our local festival presence and food mobile. Feel free to take a look around our site and check out our blog for more information. And thanks again for your support throughout the years. Learn more about Dumpling Tzar, and be sure to check out their food truck at CHBP 2019!


Monster Dogs serves up the best "Seattle style" hot dogs on the streets, featuring a signature topping of cream cheese and grilled onions. As the largest hot dog stand business in Washington, we offer three locations to manage your late night munchies, as well as a full catering division to bring these mouthwatering puppies to public and private events, festivals, and fundraisers. Learn more about Monster Dogs, and be sure to swing by their hot dog cart outside Neumos during CHBP 2019!


Gourmet Dog Japon does hot dogs with a Japanese sensibility — meat with wasabi, bonito fish flakes, dried seaweed and other toppings. The Japanese hot dogs are more filling than your typical mustard-and-relish version, with their meaty, creamy and sweet flavor combinations! Stop by their hot dog stand during CHBP 2019, located outside the food court by Poquitos!