Saturday, July 20

11am to 12pm: Networking & Brunch

Hosted by Kelly Fleek & Matt Ashworth. Food & drinks provided by Big Mario's Pizza.

In 2014, CHBP launched a panel series designed to connect local artists with business leaders, influencers and media. Each year attendance has grown, with our 2016-2018 panels hosting Sean Nelson of The Stranger, Adra Boo of Fly Moon Royalty, Donovan Farley of Paste Magazine, Sharlese Metcalf of KEXP, Meli Darby formerly of Vulcan Enterprises, musicians Kris Orlowski, SOL, Sassyblack, and Emily Nokes of Tacocat, Leigh Bezezekoff of the Tractor Tavern, Steven Severin of Neumos and Wake Up Presents, Troy Nelson of Killroom Records, Marco Collins of KNDD, The Glamor and the Squalor, and KEXP, Austin Santiago of Buildstrong and Do206, Megan Ternes of Suicide Squeeze records & more!

As Seattle undergoes a rapid amount of growth and the change, it’s more important than ever for members of the local music community to come together with local businesses and the city to build relationships and discuss strategies for success.

Panel 1: Strategies for Band Management

12pm to 1pm

How do you know when you’re ready for a label, and what labels are looking for in 2019? This is a continuation of our ‘Strategies’ series, which educates local musicians on how to survive and thrive. Topics will include: how labels have changed, debunking common misconceptions about how labels work for artists, the changing landscape of representation, and what artists can do to stand out.

Megan Jasper — Sub Pop
Ben Jenkins — Killroom Records
Abbie Gobeli — KEXP, ACTORS
Shannon Hemmett — ACTORS, LEATHERS

Panel 2: Mental Health at Home and on the Road

1:15pm to 2:15pm

Topics will include how to address and move beyond conflating identity with work and achievements, where to find mental health resources, and self-care at home and on the road.

Evie Cooke — KEXP
Andrew Vait — Sisters, Little Wins
Daniel Lyon — Spirit Award
Whitney Monge' — Whitney Monge', PNW Chapter Recording Academy/Grammy's Board of Directors
Jordan Leonard — PNW Chapter Recording Academy/Grammy's

Kelly Fleek — Lo Flux Media, The Spider Ferns

Hosted by:
Kelly Fleek of Lo Flux Media and Matt Ashworth of Nadamucho

Live Stream by:
Astral Media Lab