• Performance Date: Saturday July 22

  • Stage: Vera Stage

  • Set Time: TBA


Zoolab is Seattle based DJ, Terence Ankeny. His beats and dance music are slung from onyx schemes. It’s icy, coated in a sheen, then bent and melted by bodies moving and primed. Ankeny is a drummer (see band, Spirit Award), thus his progressions and mixes are ruled by the cadence of his drummer-mind. Zoolab sounds are sent out on a magnetized trajectory. Frequencies yield the pristine as well as the nasty, ranging feels from poptimism to IDM. Song sections grow and spread with echoed loops, then tuck back into themselves to drive more muted, internal breakbeat-breakdowns. Occasional hesitations weave the circuit’s thread, then it’s back to pounding air with the floor.