• Performance Date: Friday July 21

  • Stage: Neumos Stage

  • Set Time: 8:15 PM


Gifted Gab was born Gabrielle Kadushin on February 21, 1991 in Seattle, WA. Growing up in Seattle’s Central District or CD, she was surrounded by music. Her mother sang in her church’s choir, and Gab followed in her mother’s footsteps singing as a child in the choir. She was noticed for being exceptionally gifted in music when, at the age of 6, she began to play the piano. She continued to excel in music, doing everything from singing solos in church, performing at piano recitals, and being able to repeat from memory any song or rap she ever heard on the radio or elsewhere. 

Things changed for her however, when, at the age of 13, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Gab had to move to Oklahoma to live with her great-aunt and uncle. Her mother passed soon after the move, and Gab found solace in music. After spending, what Gab calls “three fucked years” of her life in Oklahoma following the loss of her mother, Gab moved back to Seattle when she was 16. It was then that she began to take her rapping talents seriously. Like so many others, she initially began by recording her voice over popular instrumentals and uploading the songs on YouTube. But after seeing and hearing the positive responses from others, she wasn’t content with just that and needed to go further. 

Soon after this, she was introduced to Memphis/Seattle rapper Tawksicc, and it was here that she recorded in a studio for the first time. She began and continued to make connections in the Seattle music scene, becoming good friends with J. Byrd and Sam Lachow along the way. J. Byrd then introduced Gab to his cousin Nacho Picasso, and this was the pivotal point in her career, with her soon after joining the ranks as the first lady of the rap group Moor Gang. Up to this point, Gifted Gab has been featured in numerous songs with various artists from Seattle and California, and she continues to grow that list. She was featured on the highly acclaimed track “Young Seattle Pt. 1,” and after which she dropped her first EP “Queen La’Chiefah” highlighted by the single “Orange Skyline.” 

She has also performed at countless events such as The Sasquatch Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, Hempfest, Decimal Festival, various venues in and around the Seattle area, and was even crowned champion at a Seattle based rap contest. Gab has been mentioned as one the top female Rappers to look out for by Time Magazine as well XXL Magazine. Gab dropped her first full album "Girl Rap" in March of 2014.